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Christmas Program

Don’t forget! Our Christmas Program is tomorrow @ 7:00pm. The preschool will close @ 5:30pm and the doors will remain locked (front and preschool entrance) until 6:30pm. Please bring your children back to the preschool area @ 6:30pm, we will get the kids ready while you find seats in the church. Please remember that space is limited inside the church. Also, everyone is really excited to see their child in the program, it is very important that you are respectful of the people around you and that you do not allow siblings to run around the church while we are on stage. We will have cookies, milk and cocoa in Fellowship Hall right after the program. There will also be a slide show for you to enjoy. Don’t worry, the slide show will play over and over so that you will have plenty of time to watch. Have your kiddo wear something a little dressy (festive) but make sure they are comfortable.

*Each child will have a goodie bag in their cubby to take home.

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