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Halloween Party

Our Halloween Party will be on Friday, October 27th.  Children are welcome to wear costumes!

A few things to keep in mind……

Toy weapons are not allowed at preschool.

We do our very best to keep your child’s costume together but it is very important that you label everything! Also, there will be 40 children at the party so accidents do happen and costumes do get damaged and pieces sometimes get lost. Please keep this in mind when you choose which costume your child will wear to preschool.

We have a “Giving Pumpkin” near the preschool entrance. Please choose a “ghost” and bring that item in as soon as you can. Choose as many as you would like. It will really help to make our Halloween party tons of fun! Thank you in advance for your help!

We will begin our Halloween activities at approximately 11am.  Lunch (pizza & treats) will be after our parade.



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